Friday, December 12, 2014

Vocalcom and Zendesk Join Forces to Enable PIXmania to Transform Customer Service

PIXmania Replaces Patchwork of 10 Tools with Integrated Solution Combining Vocalcom Multichannel Contact Management and Zendesk Customer Service Software

News Summary:

PIXmania, a leading European e-commerce retailer and one of the largest pure-play on-line electrical retailers, has been on a journey to become a lean provider. PIXmania wanted to transform the service experience it provides when dealing with customer facing departments, merchants and carriers regardless of the communication channel. Vocalcom and Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN) have integrated their software to provide PIXmania an integrated multichannel customer service solution. 

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News Facts:

• PIXmania has replaced a patchwork of 10 tools with an integrated solution combining Vocalcom Multi-channel Contact Management and Zendesk Customer Service Software.
• The solution unifies access to customer facing departments both in-house --customer service, delivery, and logistics-- and outside --carriers and merchants. It further personalizes service by seamlessly retrieving the customer context (e.g., pending order).
• 4 service centers in 4 countries handle yearly 800,000 contacts per year in 12 languages over phone, chat, email, fax, mail, Twitter & Facebook.
• PIXmania saw a double-digit improvement in customer satisfaction within weeks of commissioning the new solution.

Supporting Quotes:

"This is one of the fastest integrated multichannel customer service projects I have ever done. The complete solution was turned on in less than 4 months."

-Philippe Hannuna, project manager, PIXmania

"We are very pleased with the initial customer feedback on our new customer service. It exemplifies how we are becoming a lean enterprise."

- Jens Becker, president, PIXmania 

"PIXmania federation of all customer-facing departments, both inside and outside the company, is raising the bar for customer service. We are proud of enabling such effortless customer experiences using any channel.”

-Anthony Dinis, founder and CEO, Vocalcom

"We are impressed by PIXmania reengineered Customer Service. The PIXmania vision for a lean enterprise aligns perfectly with the Zendesk cause of simplifying and personalizing customer service for better experiences."

-Nicolas Herz, director for Southern Europe, Zendesk

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Vocalcom solution for eCommerce 

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About Vocalcom
Vocalcom is a global leader and technology provider of multi-channel Contact Center solutions for customer service, sales and telemarketing. Vocalcom challenges the complexity of existing Contact Centre solutions that are long to deploy, complex to manage and difficult to adapt. Designed by Contact Center people for Contact Center people, Vocalcom’s Effortless Contact Center™ provides clients with a solution that is fast to deploy, easily manageable and allows our clients to be innovative with the Customer Experience they provide. Used by over 3,500 companies in 49 countries, Vocalcom Effortless Contact Center™ is packaged as an inclusive all-in-one solution available on-premises or in the cloud. For more information, visit

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PIXmania: Nathalie Rollin

Vocalcom: Golriz Golkar + 33 (0) 1 77 45 64 90

Zendesk: Nicolas Herz +33 (184) 886-671

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Delighting Customer through Multichannel Customer Engagement

Lohmann & Rauscher Embraces the Customer Experience with Vocalcom Customer Engagement Solution

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international supplier of high quality, future-oriented medical devices and hygiene products – ranging from conventional bandages to modern treatment and nursing systems. Created in 1998 from the merger of the two companies Lohmann (founded in 1851) and Rauscher (founded in 1899), L&R has more than 160 years expertise as a dependable partner and solution provider for its customers. With more than 4,000 employees, 37 subsidiaries and shareholdings, as well as more than 130 selected partners, L&R is represented in all important markets around the world and was able to increase its sales to 530 million euros in 2013. The company’s headquarters are located at the Rengsdorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) sites. L&R has always put the needs of physicians and nurses at the core of its interest helping them to solve their problems. Over time, this dedication to in-depth dialogue with practicing physicians and caregivers evolved into a broader customer centricity.

Dealing with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical supply retailers, the company possessed a critical need for handling external communications with its customers and partners across a variety of touchpoints such as calls, faxes, portals and emails, involving various company departments. For this reason, the French subsidiary initially built a custom call management solution based on Open Source Asterix.  However, limited reporting capabilities preventing measurements of the percentage of calls leading to an order and processing times of inbound calls, coupled with the solution vendor’s eventual acquisition, made it difficult to maintain and evolve the original solution.

At this point, it was imperative to find a viable solution that could handle the various communication methods with customers and could be used across multiple non-contact center departments. Patrick Garion, the ACD specialist at Lohmann & Rauscher France, was quick to suggest Vocalcom as he recalled excellent experiences with Vocalcom solutions at his previous company.  

Vocalcom has provided Lohmann & Rauscher France with quality customer service and support and was chosen specifically for its multichannel solution with the proper, detailed analytics and its highly efficient pre-sales team. During the course of the project, the French subsidiary was also asked to design a solution that could be further deployed throughout the Lohmann & Rauscher Group. This created a need for extensive validation of the Vocalcom integration with Cisco Call Manager by Deutsche Telekom, which manages a substantial portion of Lohmann & Rauscher technology assets.  Nonetheless, this validation process was achieved flawlessly. Currently, the solution is used by approximately 20 knowledge workers across 2 departments for such tasks as placing orders.

Since its inception at Lohmann & Rauscher France, the Vocalcom solution has optimized customer engagement by delivering remarkable results. The deployment process proved seamless, and the knowledge workers at the company were able to adopt the product with great ease. During the first year alone, interaction volume increased by 50% up to 150,000 calls per year and could be handled by the same number of people while improving the service level from 80% to 95%.

By adopting the Vocalcom solution, Lohmann & Rauscher has been able to accommodate frequent workforce changes with virtually no user training necessary. As the operation of the solution is minimal, user departments are empowered to handle on their own the frequent changes in the workforce concerning the handling of customer interactions.

The veritable success of the Vocalcom solution has led Lohmann & Rauscher France to consider other ways in which the product may enhance the efficiency of the company as a whole.  Naturally, the French subsidiary could imagine to work on the solution’s expansion to its subsidiaries in other countries. Furthermore, in the long term the company could also use the solution in its accounting department, such as scheduling one-time reminders for their clients via outbound call campaigns. The Vocalcom solution could also be used in an internal context, such as making urgent communications to on-site representatives. The solution further bears the potential for outbound call campaigns to be used to promote company products, and the company is also considering the integration of the solution with Microsoft CRM.

With its flawless implementation, ease of daily use, and advanced ability to handle inbound and outbound flow, the Vocalcom customer engagement solution is a vital asset to the company. For Lohmann & Rauscher, it was essential to adopt a solution that would unify various departments within a company which does not function like a typical contact center, all the while delivering optimal results. Vocalcom has delivered on its promise and proven itself to be the prime choice for a stellar customer engagement solution.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cloud-based contact center solution by Vocalcom designed for simplicity and operational ease launched today in USA

Vocalcom delivers pure cloud contact center software through setup simplicity, enterprise-class support and operational security to small and medium-sized businesses.

A new cloud-based platform that will bring ease and simplicity to contact center operations for the small to mid-sized business, has gone live from Vocalcom, a leading provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management, workforce optimisation, and digital engagement solutions.

Vocalcom cloud is a feature-rich, cloud-based contact center interface architected to rapidly accelerate operational value and customer service excellence. Designed to reduce demand on IT, Vocalcom Cloud includes premium features such as unlimited elasticity, provisioning simplicity and 24/7/365 support.

Incredibly easy to deploy and highly scalable, Vocalcom can meet the demands of the largest enterprise contact centers while also addressing the unique needs of smaller contact center operations. With Vocalcom's simplicity and speed of setup, organisations can be up and running in hours with no setup costs, or capital investment, helping to speed the time-to-value for contact centers by quickly getting agents serving customers.

This scalability along with a robust feature set also enables Vocalcom to meet the needs of larger enterprises. Companies can easily add functionality or additional seats as their business grows or as it cycles through seasonal or situational volume influxes making the solution a highly versatile, low-risk investment.

Vocalcom’s contact center software supports live agents' voice, web chat, SMS and email interactions, as well as self-service, and easily connects mobile applications to the contact center with context via the mobile API. Create a scenario for one channel, then easily tailor to and deploy on additional channels.

Vocalcom is trusted by over 3,500 customers in 47 countries to orchestrate 10 million of digital and voice interactions each day. Give us a call at (888) 622 5266 or send us a note requesting more information on how Vocalcom could enhance and elevate your customer experience strategy. This could be the beginning of a beautiful

Vocalcom Cloud Contact Centre Software Enables DAMAC Properties to create a better experience for customers and agents

Dubai, October 16, 2014
Vocalcom, a leading multi-channel contact centre solutions provider for the Middle East and Africa has been appointed by Dubai-based luxury real estate developer, DAMAC Properties as its supplier of choice to enhance its offering to current customers.

DAMAC Properties, established in 2002 as a residential, leisure and commercial developer in the Middle East, will use Vocalcom’s Unified Contact Centre System across all multimedia channels catered to each of the property developer’s respective business units. The system will also give the organisation access to a contact centre routing strategy as well as incorporating with Siebel CRM system through Computer Telephony integration.

DAMAC were looking for a solution that would not only integrate with its current CRM system but also integrate with multiple business units including sales/leads, collections, facility management and customer relationship management.

With large numbers of agents and supervisors across the organisation, the Vocalcom contact centre software solution will allow DAMAC to better serve customers using Multimedia inbound and outbound call facilities, emails, SMS’s and faxes. The solution will also allow call recording and reporting of customer interaction, enabling DAMAC to monitor its productivity, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC Properties added “With competition growing in the real estate sector it was important that we stayed at the forefront of customer service and engagement. Vocalcom’s multi-tenant contact centre solution will not only empower our agents, but also the business, with access to the contact centre routing strategy. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and it is important for us to utilise the best technology on the market to ensure our interaction with our customers remains second-to-none.”

Ali Kassab, VP of Vocalcom Middle East said, “We are proud to partner with DAMAC Properties, one of the leading luxury real estate developer’s in the region, providing them with first-class contact centre software solutions. This is the first time we are venturing into the real estate market in Dubai and enable DAMAC to further enhance their customer loyalty and customer satisfaction through the use of an intelligent Contact Centre Application. It will increase productivity for DAMAC’s business and a web-based solution that will give them flexibility to have agents located in remote locations as the need arises.”

About Vocalcom Vocalcom is a global leader and technology provider of multi-channel Contact Center Software solutions for customer service, sales and telemarketing. Vocalcom challenges the complexity of existing Contact Centre Software Solutions that are long to deploy, complex to manage and difficult to adapt. Designed by Contact Center people for Contact Center people, Vocalcom’s Effortless Contact Center™ provides clients with a solution that is fast to deploy, easily manageable. From call centre software to self-service portals, our cloud contact centre solutions enhances customer service with more responsive, more intuitive, and more flexible support that anticipates customer needs.

Vocalcom is trusted by over 3,500 customers in 47 countries to orchestrate 10 million of digital and voice interactions each day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cloud Contact Center Software Summer Release - The New Face of Customer Service

Vocalcom introduces the latest version of its Cloud Contact Center Software, introducing new native multichannel applications for faster, cheaper, and better customer service. A Single Sign-on to Orchestrate Voice and Digital Interactions across social networks, websites, and mobile devices. 

Slash costs while managing customer experience, productivity, and new communications channels, can be hard. Vocalcom makes it easier.

The Effortless Contact Center Software from Vocalcom, is leading the next-generation of contact center software, bringing the power to Connect Everyone Everywhere. Whether you're on your desktop or on the go, you have everything you need to be more productive, and satisfy your customers. Vocalcom Contact Center Software enables inboundoutbound or blended contact centers to operate across multiple channels, with all-in-one reporting, recording and CRM integration. All while delivering faster customer service. 

The release includes native multichannel applications, and a unified multichannel agent desktop that allows agents to respond faster to all channels from one place. The Vocalcom multichannel desktop includes social, rich-mobile app, video chat, email, and SMS, in addition to traditional inbound, outbound, and blended voice capabilities.

In contrast to conventional Contact Center Solutions, with 99,999% of Availability, you are freed from the ongoing expenses, and headaches of running IT infrastructure for Contact Center Software. Vocalcom cloud contact center software is so easy to customize and use, your contact center can be up and running in days—no matter what size your company. 

Best of all, Vocalcom Effortless Contact Center Software™ provides unique capabilities that foster personalized customer engagement across channels and touch points on an unprecedented scale. And all  the contact center management tools and features you need to create an engaging, world-class contact center.

With its extensive expertise, technology, and ecosystem of partners, Vocalcom delivers secure cloud contact center software solution to help businesses run operations more effectively, increase agent productivity, and consistently deliver Enjoyable, Easy and Effective Customer Experiences.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Putting Mobile Devices and Smartphones at the Heart of your Customer Engagement Strategy

Vocalcom introduced its Mobile contact center software solutionscreating simultaneously the  opportunities for exceptional service and additional sales.
Smartphones, and tablets are rapidly changing the behavior of consumers, always connected with a smartphone in one hand, and a briefcase or coffee in the other. Calling, texting, posting, sharing, reading. Companies cannot afford to get left behind. It is now imperative that firms have a road map for the future, for modern, mobile customer engagement.  
Vocalcom Mobile is a complete self-service mobile customer engagement platform, bridging the gap between the mobile consumer and the contact center agent.  Vocalcom offers business users a complete set of features to engage effortlessly with customers on their mobile devices. Including, a cloud-based drag-and-drop app builder and integrated new contact center capabilities - that includes, visual IVR, WebRTC for face-to-face interactions, real-time profiling and targeting, analytics and instant campaign scripting.  Several other business tools are also available, such as a Passbook Coupons and GPS tracking for strategic location-based marketing.  Contact Features include real-time, contextual routing, one-touch calling, QR code and website integration. Vocalcom Mobile lets businesses craft their own apps with no technical skills required.
Businesses can expect easily measurable and quantifiable return on investment, as well as reputational or brand-enhancement benefits, from expanding contact center access to mobile devices. The good news is that early adopters who embrace this powerful new channel will have a compelling competitive advantage that dramatically differentiates their brand in the market.
Vocalcom wants to manage the entire customer journey, says Anthony Dinis, CEO of Vocalcom. "Self-service features, the contact center, social and mobile have never been intimately connected. We change that today - not only for customer service but also for marketing automation and sales. We even wonder if we should make a difference. The Contact Center will become the Customer Engagement Center.  Now the apps become the omni-channel link to the consumer. Personal, relevant, context-aware and direct."
TapCrowd is really excited about this development says Niko Nelissen, CEO of TapCrowd. Mobile is a huge part of everyday life, more and more companies use mobile apps to stay engaged with customers. "The magic that makes it all happen is big data," explains Niko Nelissen. In order to really understand your customers, you need to capture their behavior, their preferences, their context, and their activities and turn that into real-time actionable insights for the contact center.

Use your call center agents to their full potential

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Vocalcom introduced its next-generation of contact center software solutions

Vocalcom Contact Center Software introduced its next-generation of contact center software solutions to meet the real-time demands of a rapidly evolving customer service environment. The new solutions – which include innovations in mobile and social engagement, and rich customer interaction to create meaningful, real time customer connections and power optimal customer experiences – can help businesses more effectively manage customer experiences in an always-on world. These advancements drive improvements in customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and cost-savings throughout contact center operations. The new release of Vocalcom contact center software allows you to deliver revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

* Vocalcom is a leading provider of customer contact center software solutions, bringing the power of exciting new capabilities to thousands of customers worldwide. With over 3,500 customers in 41 countries, Vocalcom orchestrates more than 10 billion customer interactions every year across thousands of contact centers worldwide. Vocalcom helps enterprises power optimal customer experiences that radically improve sales effectiveness and customer loyalty-Across every channel, and over any devices. We are changing the game, powering optimal customer experiences with unmatched speed, simplicity and manageability.