Sunday, March 2, 2014

Putting Mobile Devices and Smartphones at the Heart of your Customer Engagement Strategy

Vocalcom introduced its Mobile contact center software solutionscreating simultaneously the  opportunities for exceptional service and additional sales.
Smartphones, and tablets are rapidly changing the behavior of consumers, always connected with a smartphone in one hand, and a briefcase or coffee in the other. Calling, texting, posting, sharing, reading. Companies cannot afford to get left behind. It is now imperative that firms have a road map for the future, for modern, mobile customer engagement.  
Vocalcom Mobile is a complete self-service mobile customer engagement platform, bridging the gap between the mobile consumer and the contact center agent.  Vocalcom offers business users a complete set of features to engage effortlessly with customers on their mobile devices. Including, a cloud-based drag-and-drop app builder and integrated new contact center capabilities - that includes, visual IVR, WebRTC for face-to-face interactions, real-time profiling and targeting, analytics and instant campaign scripting.  Several other business tools are also available, such as a Passbook Coupons and GPS tracking for strategic location-based marketing.  Contact Features include real-time, contextual routing, one-touch calling, QR code and website integration. Vocalcom Mobile lets businesses craft their own apps with no technical skills required.
Businesses can expect easily measurable and quantifiable return on investment, as well as reputational or brand-enhancement benefits, from expanding contact center access to mobile devices. The good news is that early adopters who embrace this powerful new channel will have a compelling competitive advantage that dramatically differentiates their brand in the market.
Vocalcom wants to manage the entire customer journey, says Anthony Dinis, CEO of Vocalcom. "Self-service features, the contact center, social and mobile have never been intimately connected. We change that today - not only for customer service but also for marketing automation and sales. We even wonder if we should make a difference. The Contact Center will become the Customer Engagement Center.  Now the apps become the omni-channel link to the consumer. Personal, relevant, context-aware and direct."
TapCrowd is really excited about this development says Niko Nelissen, CEO of TapCrowd. Mobile is a huge part of everyday life, more and more companies use mobile apps to stay engaged with customers. "The magic that makes it all happen is big data," explains Niko Nelissen. In order to really understand your customers, you need to capture their behavior, their preferences, their context, and their activities and turn that into real-time actionable insights for the contact center.

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Vocalcom introduced its next-generation of contact center software solutions

Vocalcom Contact Center Software introduced its next-generation of contact center software solutions to meet the real-time demands of a rapidly evolving customer service environment. The new solutions – which include innovations in mobile and social engagement, and rich customer interaction to create meaningful, real time customer connections and power optimal customer experiences – can help businesses more effectively manage customer experiences in an always-on world. These advancements drive improvements in customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and cost-savings throughout contact center operations. The new release of Vocalcom contact center software allows you to deliver revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

* Vocalcom is a leading provider of customer contact center software solutions, bringing the power of exciting new capabilities to thousands of customers worldwide. With over 3,500 customers in 41 countries, Vocalcom orchestrates more than 10 billion customer interactions every year across thousands of contact centers worldwide. Vocalcom helps enterprises power optimal customer experiences that radically improve sales effectiveness and customer loyalty-Across every channel, and over any devices. We are changing the game, powering optimal customer experiences with unmatched speed, simplicity and manageability.